One Sprinkling Day - a New Novel by Peter Jordan

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Penmaenmawr and Conwy are the real places fictionalized in this unconventional novel as the places between which its background lies. In the course of a walk which is at once a walk in a landscape, in the past, and in the maze of thought about some traditional perplexities, the protagonist’s reflections and the conversational self-portraits of his friends are interspersed with passages about the region’s history, natural history, and natural features.

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Below is an excerpt from chapter 8 of the book:

Without Paul’s ceasing to listen to him as, on his front doorstep, at the end of the first stone terrace under the mountain, that other August afternoon, Mr Roberts had explained how the granite was brought down from the rock-face to the sea (in wagon-loads from quarry-floor to crushing-mill, by chute and conveyor to the great storage-hoppers, by wagon again and steep inclines to the loading-quay, from which the small service-hopper supplied road, railway and pier), it was the stone-age quarry that Paul had seemed to see above them then, with its chipping-floors where Mr Roberts’s forebears (men from the high hut-circles whose cooking-mounds—crescents of fire-cracked stones—were still visible a stone’s throw from the modern workings) had fashioned picks and axes, querns and spindles, from rough blocks among the scree.